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T E S T I M O N I A L S   

"My owner rescued me when I was just a pup. Sometimes she had to go on trips, and I would have to stay in a kennel.I was sad and scared when this happened. Then we found Pampering Paws and Miss Kris! Now I look forward to visiting my second home, my new puppy friends and my second mom, Kris. She even lets me snuggle with her on the couch, and she makes my dinner just the way I like it! We LOVE Pampering Paws!" Lucy // 5 year old terrier mix

"I have investigated a number of other Contra Costa County alternatives for our Standard Schnauzer family member (Ch Steinhaus V Blackhawk Cartier), otherwise known as “Carrie”. None are competitive to the environment provided by Kris at Pampering Paws." Vincent Schantz

"Being very selective regarding the care of our 2 boys (twin Miniature Schnauzers), we approach any new pet connections with some caution, as do our dogs. When we all first met Kris and Jan in person, it was obviously a great fit, not based on our opinion, but based on the pets' reaction... Usually cautious and 'barkly' towards new people, the boys remarkably ran to Kris and Jan and sat alertly beside them as if they had known each other forever. It was amazing. We have never seen anything like it. Kris and Jan are great !" G&YDanville, CA 

"Kris has been Bella's dog sitter for almost a year now and then I liked her so much that I felt great getting a second Cavalier named Luka. They also have stayed with her when I go on vacation. I have so much confidence in her as these are my babies and they are so excited to go to her house...and bark and run up to the door when we get to her house." Laura M. Keels 

My name is Bob and I'm a 25 pound cat. I love when Kris takes care of me. She makes it so I can relax at home and never have to stay in a kennel amongst loud dogs and unfamiliar, sometimes scary noises. Kris ensures that my snack bar is full for breakfast and dinner, helps me get a drink of water out of the bathtub faucet if I ask, provides me with my insulin twice daily (I'm a diabetic), cleans my litter box, grooms me, and surrounds me with my favorite toys. Additionally, she makes sure the curtains in my home are open during the daytime so I can see my bird friends outside, and closes them during the nighttime and turns on my nightlight so I can feel safe when I curl up for a night of rest on my cushion. I'm so lucky to know Kris! She told me she'll even drive me to see my veterinarian if I ever need a ride! I highly recommend her! Love,Bob 

“Pampering Paws and Kris specifically has become part of our family through the years. Our pets adore and love her and we trust her with them and couldn't imagine not having the service! Our dog Norman looks forward to his walks knows the days to expect her and waits eagerly by his dog gate. When he sees her he lights up and we believe that says it all :)” The Allen's 

“It means so much to me to leave town with complete ease, knowing that our dog Stella, is left in such loving, responsible hands at Pampering Paws. Stella particularly enjoys the wide open backyard with manicured green grass. Kris is always sweet, flexible to individual needs and responsive and attentive to any concerns or reservations you might have. I highly recommend Pampering Paws to anyone seeking dog boarding” Theresa/Stella 

“I have trusted Kris at Pampering Paws with my dog Rocky since he was two months old. He was born with only one eye so he is even more special. Every time I drop him off he runs, tail wagging, to see Kris.” Pam/Rocky 

“Having Kris look after our two ‘babies’ while we are on vacation gives us great peace of mind. We always know that our kitties will be in good hands while we’re gone. Having their food, water, and litter boxes taken care of daily helps our cats deal with the temporary absence of their family. We trust Kris and have recommended her to other friends with pets.” Barbara 

"Pampering Paws is our doggy's home away from home. Kris is caring and I trust her without a doubt. Kris has been providing daycare/vacation boarding for our dachshund/JRT mix for 2 years and I would not know what to do without her!" Doreen and Kie

"Hi- My name is Cody, and I am a very spoiled and much loved golden doodle. Before my mom left me the first time, she visited ten different boarding places and didnt think any of them were good enough for me. Then she found Kriss house and her Pampering Paws business.

I feel very lucky that Mom discovered Kris. She is so caring and loving. I dont want to brag, but I think Kris is crazy about me. At least she makes me feel very special. When my Mom has to leave town, I know that I will have fun playing in Kriss back yard with other dog friends. I think Pampering Paws is a fantastic Bed and Breakfast for VIP pups, and I never want to go anywhere else. Kris is awesome!! " Lots of Licks, Cody

"We have been very happy with the service that Pampering Paws provides. The primary difference with them is peace of mind. Because of the daily communications and pictures, we know that all is well with our puppies at home. Our dogs Boo and Caitlin need lots of love, and they  

get plenty from Kris and Jan. We have used their services several times now and highly recommend them." Bill & Leslie

"Kris is flexible in meeting our house visit dog walking needs, prompt in her scheduling, and thoroughly professional in her communications and invoicing. Have recommended her to neighbors and friends."

Greg & Mary

"Pampering Paws is Toby’s second home. He goes to daycare while we work and boards when we go out of town. We’ve tried other daycare facilities but prefer the more individual care that Kris gives. Toby is a very social dog and loves to play and hang out with his buddies every day. As a hound Toby lives for the outdoors so it’s great that Kris has a huge backyard where he can play, sniff and sunbathe. Our work schedules can be erratic so we’ve 

really come to appreciate Kris’s flexibility and taxi service when needed. And how do we know Toby is happy there? All the answer we need is in his wagging tail every single weekday morning as he bounds out of the car and runs for the gate where he knows his buddies and toys and Kris await." Jackie and David

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